“An urgent plea for scientific curiosity.”
— Daphne Howland / The Village Voice
“A rich assortment of wonders...with sweeping, sparkling vistas of strange beauty that would make David Attenborough weep.”
— Chris Barsanti / Film Journal International
“Mystifying…extols the wonders of science and of all that’s yet to discover.”
— Ken Jaworowski / The New York Times


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Date(s) City State Theater
06/26 Cambridge MA Kendall Square Cinema
06/26 Columbus OH Gateway Film Center
06/26-06/28 Langley WA The Clyde
06/29-07/05 San Francisco CA Roxie
Q&A on 6/29
06/29-07/05 Berkeley CA Rialto Cinemas® Elmwood
Q&A on 6/30
06/29-07/05 Sebastopol CA Rialto Cinemas® Sebastopol
06/29-07/05 Hartford CT Real Art Ways
06/30, 07/01 Halle Germany Silbersalz Festival
Producer in attendance
07/08-07/12 Brunswick ME Frontier Cafe Cinema & Gallery
07/17 Bellingham WA Pickford Film Center
07/31 Huntington NY Cinema Arts Centre
07/31, 08/01 Rosendale NY Rosendale Theatre


Date(s) City State Theater
05/18-05/24 New York NY Quad Cinema
05/22-05/31 Portland OR Empirical Theater/OMSI
05/25-05/31 Santa Monica CA Laemmle Monica
05/30 Camden ME Camden Opera House
06/01 Bozeman MT Rialto Bozeman
06/04 Anchorage AK Beartooth Theatre Pub
06/05 Sedona AZ Mary D. Fisher Theatre
06/06 Nantucket MA Nantucket Dreamland
06/11-06/12 Claremont CA Laemmle Claremont 5
06/11-06/12 Encino CA Laemmle Town Center 5
06/11-06/12 Los Angeles CA Laemmle Royal
06/11-06/12 Pasadena CA Laemmle Playhouse 7
06/13-06/18 Boulder CO The Dairy
06/18 Colorado Springs CO Independent Film Society of Colorado


The Most Unknown is an epic documentary film that sends nine scientists to extraordinary parts of the world to uncover unexpected answers to some of humanity’s biggest questions. How did life begin? What is time? What is consciousness? How much do we really know?

By introducing researchers from diverse backgrounds for the first time, then dropping them into new, immersive field work they previously hadn’t tackled, the film pushes the boundaries of how science storytelling is approached. What emerges is a deeply human trip to the foundations of discovery and a powerful reminder that the unanswered questions are the most crucial ones to pose.

Directed by Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Ian Cheney (The Search for
General Tso
, The City Dark) and advised by world-renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog (Fitzcarraldo,
Aguirre, The Wrath of God, Grizzly Man), The Most Unknown is an ambitious look at a side  of  science never before shown on screen. The film was made possible by a grant from Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation initiative dedicated to engaging everyone with the process of science.